Do The Right Thing Essay Contest 2016

All across America, students are responding to the problem of youth violence. The Do the Write Thing Challenge gives middle school students an opportunity to examine the impact of youth violence on their lives in classroom discussions and in written form by communicating what they think should be done to change our culture of violence. By encouraging students to make personal commitments to do something about the problem, the program ultimately seeks to empower them to break the cycles of violence in their homes, schools and neighborhoods.

The Do the Write Thing Challenge (DtWT) is an initiative of the National Campaign to Stop Violence (NCSV) a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan, organization composed of community, business and governmental leaders who have come together to reduce youth violence in communities across the United States. (Click here for description of other NCSV programs)

In each participating jurisdiction, the program is overseen and administered by a local Do the Write Thing Committee which is a coalition of business, community and governmental leaders dedicated to the reduction of youth violence in their city, county or state. (Click here for listing of participating localities)

Since its inception, it is estimated that over 1,900,000 students have participated in the Challenge. During the 2016 school year, an estimated 100,000 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students participated in NCSV-sponsored classroom discussions about youth violence. Over 70,000 of these students chose to accept the “challenge” by submitting writings to their local DtWT committee and by initiating violence reduction efforts or volunteering in existing ones.

Over 2,000 “school finalists” were honored at local recognition ceremonies and had their writings published and distributed locally. In July, two “national ambassadors” from each participating jurisdiction were honored at a national recognition ceremony in Washington, D.C. The National Campaign to Stop Violence and our founding sponsor, the Kuwait-America Foundation, host the ceremony.

During National Recognition Week, national ambassadors have the opportunity to present their views on youth violence to such national leaders as the Secretary of Education, the Secretary of the Interior, the Attorney General of the United States, the Administrator of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and Members of the Congress. In addition, their writings have been published and placed in the Library of Congress, and the NCSV has published a Discussion Paper on the Causes of and Solutions for Youth Violence based upon the writings of this year’s DtWT National Finalists.

The future of the Do the Write Thing Challenge depends upon continued support from individuals and organizations concerned with stopping youth violence. Our goal is to spread the positive results that we have had to as many cities, counties and states as possible. To learn more about DtWT, volunteer or offer your financial support, please contact our office.

National Finalists 2016 National Recognition Week

September 2016

Houston Chair, Cordinators and National Finalists 2016 National Recognition Week Washington DC

Photos coming

May 27, 2016

Houston/Harris County ceremony pictures should be available later this week on our website and our Facebook page. The family pictures are now available by request by emailing us at

Essay Submission Update for Houston/Harris County

December 28, 2015

We will be accepting essays by mail until December 31st! If you require essay drop-off, please contact 713-755-4005 and leave a message.

Essay Submission for Houston/Harris County

December 2, 2015

Many of you have requested an extension to submit your essays. We will be accepting essays until December 31st! However, if you will be coming by our offices to drop them off, please be sure to let us know in advance so that we may meet you downstairs and have you avoid looking for parking!

Houston in DC

October 2015

2015 Houston Teachers, Students, Parents and Coordinators in DC

Photos are now available!

June 23, 2015

Did you have your picture taken at the Houston/Harris County Recognition Ceremony "Photo Booth?" Souvenir pictures are now available for our attendees! Email us at with your name and we'll send you the link to the gallery!

2015 Do the Write Thing Challenge Success!


Thanks to all who made the 2015 Do the Write Thing Challenge such a success! We were thrilled to see you all at our Recognition Ceremony at NRG Center this year and hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed hosting it for you! Congratulations again to our Student Finalists! Click here to see the images from the event

Alvin ISD’s Fairview Jr. High celebrated their 2015 Do the Write Thing Student Finalists


Alvin ISD’s Fairview Jr. High celebrated their 2015 Do the Write Thing Student Finalists with an awards ceremony on May 13th featuring Channel 13’s Art Rascon as their keynote speaker. Here are the ambassadors with Jennifer Bell, Counselor, Art Rascon and Principal Dr. Bobby Martinez

December 5 essay submission deadline is this week!


Essays for Houston/Harris County may be postmarked by December 5 or dropped off at the DTWT offices located in suite 410D of the Harris County Administration Building (on the corner of Preston and Main). Those participating in the pilot online essay submission program will be contacted next week regarding the submission process.

Houston at the National DtWT Leadership Conference


Photos from the DtWT National Recognition Ceremony in DC from June 2014. The National Finalists, their teachers and parents, and the coordinators and chairs from each site attended.

Harris County Judge Emmett recognizes "Do the Write Thing Challenge"


Junior High School Students Share Their Ideas To Stop Violence
Harris County Judge Ed Emmett honored nearly 200 student finalists in the 2014 Houston/Harris County Do the Write Thing Challenge in early June. Author, motivational speaker and radio personality Dayna Steele was the keynote speaker at the annual recognition ceremony. The Challenge is an educational initiative of the National Campaign to Stop Violence that encourages seventh and eighth-grade students in the community’s public and private school systems to examine the impact of violence on their lives and to write about their experiences. The Challenge gives students an opportunity to share their stories and ideas with a large audience in hopes of making a difference in their community. Coordinators for the local 2014 Challenge received submissions from nearly 13,000 students attending 119 schools in 40 school districts. Among the 216 student finalists, two were chosen as national finalists. The national finalists were invited to attend recognition events in Washington, D.C., on June 14. As chairman of the Houston/Harris County Do the Right Thing Challenge, Emmett also recognized the Challenge’s two national finalists along with all finalists’ parents and teachers at the event. The national finalists are Connor Carpenter of Woodrow Wilson Junior High School in Dayton ISD and Fatima Menendez of Burbank Middle School in the Houston Independent School District. “It’s a great honor and humbling experience for me to recognize these young students for their outstanding ideas and insights into our community,” Emmett said. “Their experiences can be heartbreaking, but their writings and suggestions may provide them with healing and may also highlight ways for others to make better decisions when faced with difficult or violent situations.”

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