Time Is The Great Healer Essay

I believe time can heal. Most unhappy experiences that happened to me seemed terrible at the time, but as time went by, I realized that I not only no longer felt sad but also learned valuable lessons.

Time is like a stream of water that gently runs through the wound deep in my mind, kisses it and washes it away. And at the end, it leaves something valuable to remind me just as a scar does. Without encountering those depressing experiences, I wouldn’t live the way I am today.

It’s no doubt that everyone has his or her own sadness to grieve, such as having memories of being humiliated, injured or hurt emotionally. I remembered that when I received my college entrance examination result I was shocked at the moment because my score was much lower than my expectation. As a result, it’s certain that I would not be able to attend my dream university. I was heartbroken that time and cried again and again. However, I no longer feel the same way today and I have put all the sadness behind me. Three years have passed by from that day, for now I do well in my present university and I realize that what matters most is my persistence to work hard and a good work ethic. Bumping into many walls in life allows me to grow up, reflect on myself, and learn to survive in this society.

I believe time not only can heal personal sadness but also the great trauma suffered by all people in the world. The fifth anniversary of 9/11 has passed. I remember that when I witnessed the twin towers collapsing almost six years ago I felt startled and couldn’t believe my own eyes. I wept as I watched the victims who lost their families and love ones moan in deep grieve. And almost six years latter, I more or less put the sorrow behind because I come to realize that grief will not help but actions must be taken to prevent the same kind of tragedy from happening again.

I believe time is the best medicine for healing my mind. Although the process is painful, I can meditate my past and learn a lot from it. Life is tough, but only by extracting precious inspirations from the unfortunate experiences can I really grow up and shape my minds even tougher than life. Caterpillar must endure a process of struggle before it becomes a beautiful butterfly — and the process, it’s about time.

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Time, indeed, is a great healer and at the same time, a great destroyer. While many wounds get healed by the time, many other wounds become cancerous. Justice delayed is, of course, justice denied but it happens many times as in the case of HKL Bhagat, PV Narasimha Rao, Rajeev Gandhi and many others who were responsible for the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 that they escape the justice in this world but get transported to the other world by the passage of time to face divine justice.

In fact, Rajeev Gandhi was not awarded justice in the anti-Sikh riot case of 1984 but received justice strangely from LTTE.  Such is the turn that time takes. However, certain issues that are not settled in time, become cancerous. The anti-Sikh riots of 1984 have also become cancerous with Sikhs getting no justice from either the Government of India or the Supreme Court of India. 
The symptom of such cancer is the demand for Khalistan. So many persons have died because of this cancer including the person who wanted to remove this cancer viz., Beant Singh, the former Chief Minister of Punjab. Another issue is the Kashmir issue which has become cancerous indeed and taken so many young lives both of Kashmiris as well as of Indian Jawans and military officers.

By postponing the issue by referring it to UN, Nehru made it into a cancerous issue. It would have been solved if instead of referring it to UN, the Indian Army would have been allowed to regain all parts of Kashmir at that time. It would have taken Indian military only a few days to take over whole of Kashmir at that moment. 

Similarly, poverty issue is not being solved and is being postponed time and again despite the "Garibi Hatao" (Remove poverty) slogans raised by the Congress party from time to time and the result is the cancer of Maoism. It has also taken a lot of lives of not only the Maoists but of police personnel and even politicians. However, cancer when not treated in time, is such a disease that it can destroy the whole body, in this case the body of the nation.

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